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I’m(F20) meeting my half-sister(24) for the first time and I’m really nervous.

Like the title says, I’m meeting my half-sister for the first time on Thursday! I reached out to her on Saturday, and on Monday she asked if I would be willing to meet her and of course I said yes.

We’ve only talked over text, but I feel like we were able to connect a bit and pretty quickly at that. She seems really sweet and she’s already referred to me as her “other half”.

Now I’m really nervous. I think we’re meeting up at her place and we’re just gonna eat and talk. I don’t know what to expect. I’m not a people person and i’m really shy around new people. What if I come across as weird and she stops talking to me? I keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong and now I’m so scared!

Any advice?

Also, I haven’t told either of my parents that I reached out to her. I’m planning on telling my mom sometime tomorrow or Thursday morning. My half-sister and I share a dad.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong about being seen as weird. Having a genetic relation doesn’t necessarily mean you share anything in common between your personalities. Even people who grow up with each other might not end up liking each other, but at the same time you absolutely could become close friends if you happen to connect well

    Just don’t beat yourself up if things aren’t amazing the first time you meet.

  2. Just give her a headsup like you told us. That you are not really a people person and a bit shy, so if I look akward thats because I am feeling akward. That way so know and can adjust her expectations and how she deals with the meetup.

  3. One practical solution …

    If the weather is comfortable, maybe walk round a nearby park rather than a face to face.

    There is some truth in when you feel “nervous” or “shy, by doing a physical activity (walking, looking at nature) keeps your brain too occupied to over think, while you have your first conversation.

    While a face to face can seem like the best idea, it’s information overload (eye contact, stumbling over words, does she like me?) …. And all while having to sit in one spot.

    If you don’t feel comfortable asking to changes plans, To include a walk …. Exercise or walk yourself before you meet.

    That will help with the nervous energy.

    It’s late here, I may not be explaining it very well.

    Good luck, how exciting!

    She clearly wants this to work too …. Just keep calm and remember you don’t have to know everything straight away … you have the rest of your lives to figure it out.

  4. I met with my half sister a few years ago. She is 6 years older than me and had not been in my life since I was around 6months old.

    I was so nervous thinking what if she didn’t like or I didn’t live up to her expectation etc but meeting her was the best thing ever. We are really close now and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it.

    The best advice I can give you is to just be yourself. Treat it exactly how you would when making a new friend and enjoy it! I hope it all goes well for you xxx

  5. Sounds like alot of upside for you. Don’t stress about it too much. Given you’re related there’s not too much point hiding who you are, so just relax and be yourself.

  6. Go with the expectation that you’re meeting a stranger that might just become your new bff. It is ok to feel nervous and you might want to let her know that you’re excited but also shy and nervous. She just might be the same. I hope you guys build a beautiful friendship and that your sister bond blossoms! Please update us!

    FYI: You can tell your parents after… Leave the door open to form your own opinion.

  7. I would just tell her that you are worried about scaring her away with your awkwardness/weirdness. And I honestly would wait to tell the parents. Or ask her if she wants you to wait for a determined amount of time. If they blow her phone up because of it and she isn’t on good terms with them that could add stress she doesn’t want that is connected to you. I wouldn’t jinx it so early.

  8. As an older sister with two younger half sisters let me tell you… my sisters are such a blessing in my life. The love I have for them is strong and so unique compared to other relationships I have. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. We don’t live close enough to hang out all the time but every time I see them it’s like we’ve been best friends forever and nothing has changed. One of them I didn’t grow up with and I still feel the same way about her.

    Your sister is going to love you. ❤️

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