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In a coordinated operation, ‘La Gorda’ falls, a drug trafficker with an order for his extradition to the US – .

Through intelligence work and in a coordinated operation, agents of the Department of Public Security (SSP) of Puebla, of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) and the Marine Secretarythey captured Jorge Alberto “S”alias “The fat girl”who is identified as a priority objective for the federal governmentsince he has an arrest warrant for extradition purposes to state Joined.

The exchange of information between the three instances made it possible to determine that “The fat girl” he was in poblano territoryso they implemented an operation in the neighborhood Atoyac Cement that led to his arrest in recent days.

The detainee Jorge Alberto “S”, alias “La Gorda”, would be related to the drug transfer entering the south of the country illegally and their introduction to USA.

After his arrest, he was handed over to judge that requires it in the Mexico Cityto determine their legal status.

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