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In broad daylight they assault a motorist in the GAM

In a well-known modus operandi, the subjects took advantage of the stop to assault the motorist

According to reports, the events occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 1. In social networks the video circulates in which you can see two subjects approach a car black color which, break the window and manage to open the door to intimidate the motorist.

At least 2 subjects were recorded when robbed a motorist who was waiting at a stop on Avenida Gran Canal and Calzada San Juan de Aragón in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office. One of the subjects brings a weapon, but it is not seen in the video if he made any detonation.

On the passenger side, a person on a motorcycle observes the events and it is not clear if he was also part of the attackers, since one of them had a protective helmet on his head.

So far there are no arrests or pronouncement by the authorities.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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