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In Guachochi; Chihuahua gunmen run when they see Federal and State Forces and abandon three vehicles with reports of theft and useful cartridges – .

Items of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), National Guard (GN), State Research Agency (AEI) Y Secretary of State Public Security (SSPE), who participates in a operative coordinated in the municipality of Guachochilocated and destroyed a camp used by members of a criminal group in which They secured 3 vehicles with reports of theft and more than 1,800 cartridges of various calibers..

In a deployment within the framework of the coordination operation between the Federal Government and the State Government, the security personnel carried out surveillance and search tasks in a place known as old road to the Sinforosa.

In a dirt breach, crews SEDENA, GN, AEI Y SSPE, located a camp used by assassinswho 3 vehicles reported stolen were left at the scene and, within them, several suitcases with cartridges of different calibers.

They seized a Chevrolet van with a theft report on August 26 of the current year, a Chevrolet Silverado pick-up with a theft report on September 1 of the current year and a Chevrolet Tahoe with overlapping license plates.

In addition, several suitcases were located inside the vehicles that contained 1,332 7.62×39-caliber cartridges, 250 7.62×56-caliber cartridges, and 253 5.56×45-caliber cartridges, giving a total insured of 1,835 useful cartridges.

The camp was destroyed by the security personnel of Operative Guachochi and what was secured was transferred to the corresponding authority to make it available.

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