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In Guanajuato armed attacks leave at least 10 dead

In Guanajuato, two armed attacks left at least ten people dead, events occurred after 7:00 p.m. on Saturday in the municipalities of Romita and Silao.

The first of the events was recorded in San José de los Durán, Silao, where armed individuals entered in three vans, with which they besieged the community.

The assailants entered several homes and in one of them they murdered two women, a 17-year-old teenager and a man.

After the homicides, the armed group escaped to the El Escoplo community, a neighboring municipality of Romita.

There they entered a grocery store next to a field where a party was being held and shot at the people gathered.

Five people died at the scene while four others were taken to hospital. Another person died in the emergency room.

Those responsible for the armed attacks set fire to a truck in the gap that connects both towns, apparently to prevent the arrival of authorities.

Elements of the National Guard and the Army arrived at both crime scenes to assist in the work of the municipal police.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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