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In Guanajuato multiple attacks leave dead

An armed attack was reported in Guanajuato on Tuesday night in which at least 12 people were declared dead and five injured.

In Irapuato there were five people killed and five injured; in León there were three executed; in San Francisco del Rincón they murdered two; in Yuriria to one and another in Apaseo el Grande.

According to the authorities’ report, in Irapuato there were several armed attacks recorded almost simultaneously in the Salinas de Gortari, Constitución de Apatzingán, Che Guevara and Lucio Cabañas neighborhoods during Tuesday night.

Armed attacks in Irapuato

It was minutes before 9 p.m. when the emergency services were alerted to the detonation of a firearm in the Salinas de Gortari, where a family celebrating a party was shot.

As a result of this attack, two people lost their lives, who were father and son, while another four people were injured.

Later, the aggressors would have gone to the Ernesto Che Guevara neighborhood, where a young man, who was apparently a minor and who played soccer on the fields of 10 de Noviembre street, was murdered and another 19-year-old was taken to a serious condition. a hospital.

Minutes later, a third attack was reported, this time on Emiliano Zapata street, in the Constitución de Apatzingán neighborhood, where a man who was outside a home was shot to death.

A few minutes later, another attack was recorded right there in the Apatzingán Constitution, now on Mariano Matamoros street, where another man was deprived of his life.

Not even five minutes passed and on Héctor Alvarado street, in the Lucio Cabañas neighborhood, another report emerged of an injured person, after being attacked by a firearm projectile.

The sites of the attacks were guarded by elements of the National Guard, while Criminal Investigation agents carried out the survey of evidence.

One version stated that the perpetrators of the five attacks would have been the same people, who would have fled towards the North Bypass.

Armed attacks in León and San Francisco del Rincón

In León, three men were shot to death inside a house, in the La Piscina KM 3.5 neighborhood.

The triple homicide was recorded on San Lucas street, almost on the corner of San Jacobo.

Witnesses indicated that a couple of subjects with black clothing entered the home carrying firearms. Inside, various detonations were heard and then the neighbors called the police, seeing the gunmen walk out.

In San Francisco del Rincón, two men died after being shot at in different events that occurred in the municipality.

The first event was reported on Jardín de las Orquídeas street, in the Villa Jardín neighborhood. There, a man was attacked inside his home.

Later, another attack with firearm shots was reported in the San Miguel neighborhood.

This incident occurred on Fundadores Boulevard, where a young man was shot to death while he was aboard a car.

In Yuriria, the Municipal Police reported that a 67-year-old man was shot to death in the patio of his house, located in the community of Cerano.

On Tuesday night, a 911 phone call alerted authorities to a shooting attack in Cerano. The victim was murdered inside her house located on Álvaro Obregón street in the aforementioned community.

And in Apaseo el Grande, an abandoned body was reported at the entrance of this city. The body was wrapped in transparent plastic, with signs of violence and had a cardboard with a message from a criminal group.

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Alberto Martinez
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