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In León, an armed group arrived for “El Triste”, barricaded themselves in a house already prepared for the moment, confronted them and died – .

Man shot to death in panic housein Lion, Guanajuatoon the Balconies of the Jewels colonyit was minutes before midnight on Saturday when the shootingaccording to information from anonymous testimonies, the victim tried to repel the attack.

The confrontation between the Sicarios claimed the life of a subject. Neighbors who decided to protect their identity in anonymous testimony, indicated that in the area Two cars arrived, one white and one blue.of these at least six Sicarios got downsome knocked on the door and others used a ladder to try to enter the house through the roof.

The victim was identified by his nickname ‘The sad‘, who He had surveillance cameras in his he realized that it was a ambush Y from inside the home he began to shoot When the victim ran out of bullets the armed subjects took the opportunity to enter the house.

Al ‘Sad’, they took him out of his house, he was protecting himself in one of his rooms, when assassins took him out to the patio and the executed. When the Emergency Service, 911, received the report that there was a person wounded by a gunshot, paramedics arrived in the area who were able to confirm that the victim no longer had vital signs.

Elements of the Municipal Police of León arrived at the area of ​​the events, who cordoned off the area to help prevent the crime scene from being dirty, which was analyzed minutes later by experts from the Guanajuato Attorney General’s Office, at the house authorities assured :

15 shell casings, a glock-type firearm, various doses of drugs, as well as 32 shell casings from a firearm, which will be analyzed in the ballistics laboratories of the State Prosecutor’s Office.

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