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Incredible! In Los Cabos, a soldier shoots and wounds a woman

The events occurred last afternoon November 21on the street Felix Ortega Come in Melchor Ocampo Y marian horse in the colony Matamoros Expansion in this tourist destination.

During a surveillance tour, an element of the Marine Secretarycommissioner in the Los Cabos Municipal PoliceHe shot and wounded a woman.

Around the 2:07 in the afternoon, when a car with a strobe threw a bottle at a police car in the Los Cabos Municipal Policeso the soldier identified as Miguel Angel Reyes CarbajalHe drew his weapon and fired at the fleeing vehicle.

Unfortunately, the shot from a long gun hit a young woman from 22 years old who was identified as Mónica Lizbeth Castillo Castañeda, moments later was transferred to Reform Hospitallocated in the colony Santa Fe.

At the crime scene, the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) prepared an expert study of a white car Hyundai Elentrawith license plates 494-PNL-7finding a bullet hole in trunk and fragments of cloth with blood stains.

Even though the PGJEopened a Research Folderthe Security Deskin an evident act of protection, requested to stop the investigation, for which reason he did not allow photographs or certification of involved much less know The person responsible for shooting the woman was arrested because he was a soldier.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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