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Is anyone else dealing with terrible breakage after an aggressive hair brushing experience at the salon??

I’m sooo frustrated right now.. I went to the salon today to get a fresh balayage (keep in mind this was only my second time ever getting my hair dyed so it is quite healthy). I am EXTREMELY careful with my very fine blonde hair and take time to gently brush from the ends up. I disclosed at the beginning of my appointment to the salon that my hair is very prone to extreme tangling and that I have a tender scalp. My hair stylist is phenomenal, she’s aware of how sensitive my hair is to brushing and takes the initiative to use oils and detangling spray when needed.

However…… for some reason, this salon has different employees in charge of the wash station that brush out and wash hair. And my lord… my hair stylist advised this girl to use LOTS of conditioner and a detangling brush but she went NUTS on my scalp. This girl was brushing from the roots and making sure I had every knot in existence.. It took her *30 minutes* to do it!!! I could hear the breakage as she was trying to work her way through my knots.. Then two other hair stylists came in and one said to the girl “You’re scaring me… are you not brushing from the ends up?? Do it like this!!”. The girl got defensive about it because she knew she was doing a shit job on me. Imagine the look on my face during that moment. As soon as that was over, I headed back to my hair stylist’s seat and she could tell by the look on my face (and the fact that it was 30 minutes later) that I was having a TERRIBLE time. Needless to say she felt really bad and acknowledged the fact that the girl had basically been yanking on my hair.

The balayage turned out beautifully, but oh my god.. the breakage is so noticeable. Everything that I did to care for my hair up until that point was completely fucked. There’s literally no way to avoid this problem, it seems like every salon is in a rush to get you out the door even if that means damaging your hair in the process. I feel so defeated. Next time I’m literally gonna snatch the brush from them and do it my self, the right way. 🙁

Should I call the salon and explain what happened? It’s not like they could do anything to reverse the damage but idk. Ughhhhhh I shouldn’t have breakage after spending $330😔

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. Absolutely call the saline and tell them what happened! Ask them what they’ll be going to compensate you for this (credit you for the styling, give you a complimentary deep conditioner or anti-breakage product), etc. Ensure that they know that several people told her to stop treating your hair that way.

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