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Is it more likely that I am average or below average?

I’m black, and am a senior in high school now 🙂 I live in a mainly white/Asian city. I remember that people used to be like idk mean abt my appearance in freshman yr – not everyone, there was an Asian girl who was insistent that I am average, and a mixed girl who I used to be on good terms w suggested whoever called me ugly could “just die.” A black girl who used to be rlly toxic toward me shouted “run ugly little girl run” at me from the bleachers

I got braces in sophomore yr (used to have a large gap between my teeth.) My braces are now almost off. I’ve heard I have a unique look.

My braces are now almost off. I look really tired, as I struggle w my sleeping schedule. I actually had a boyfriend in junior yr, he is black (he was average to me, just overweight.)

Today I didn’t have a mask on in AP gov or my adulting class, I know I look rlly tired but no one made a comment abt my appearance or anything. I asked two girls if my face looks okay they both said “yeah” (one is a friend of mine the other is a girl in my grade.)

The guys at my table were also not mean to me, idk.

I’m friends/acquaintances w this white guy who I know is considered to be above average looking by some (he is no less than average) and he’s nice to me and has never insulted my appearance.

I’m skinny and have a big butt

(I would also love makeup advice over private message! Haven’t been able to find concealer that works for me)

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  1. Try to look for concealers from black owned brands, they tend to have better shade ranges for base products.

    I think BLK/OPL and Juvia’s Place are both black owned brands & BLK/OPL has a good rated one for less than $10 and Juvia’s Place has some mini concealers available for $10. Both brands are af Ulta. I recommend starting with these & if you find a decent match from the minis from Juvia’s Place, they have a wider shade range for their full sized concealers for $14.

    Also, you’re in high school, you’re not necessarily done growing & your face may change physically in the future. My face now (30F) and how my face was when I was around your age, look different.

    My jaw line isn’t as wide and square due to wearing a night guard and my cheeks have become a little more angled, whereas in high school I had a chubbier face with rounder features. My nose looks different too since the end of a person’s nose is made of cartilage so it’s not set in place to never change unless they get work done.

    At your age it’s normal to have self esteem issues regarding your looks but i hope you learn to enjoy your personal traits also, like being kind, caring, smart, and having integrity.

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