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Is there a golden hair removal I’m unaware of?? Nothing has worked for me.

I’m a 22 year old brown girl, 3 of some of the hairiest ethnicities (italian, puerto rican, indian).

I have tried EVERYTHING. Professional laser hair removal left me with scars and somehow MORE hair (no fucking idea, signed a waiver that made me a loss of my $2,000).

Nair, shaving, and waxing has always left me with painful and unsightly ingrown hairs no matter how much exfoliation do and Tendskin/aftershave I use. If I slack for even one day because of life the bumps show up and the hairs get trapped leaving scars.

What do I do!!!!!! I’m not quite ready to embrace my hair, I’m a girly girl and want to feel pretty 🙁

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. Did you try electrolysis? Ive heard it works really well for women w hormonal issues that cause the hair. If so, I would try threading. It last longer than waxing and is less irritating to the skin since the hair is being pulled directly from its root. Should probably mention that threading is good for facial hair, not so much with other parts of the body.

  2. Time for me to once again recommend the Philips OneBlade electric razor. It’s doesn’t cut you like other electric razors I’ve tried so it can be used on sensitive areas and it’s a really close shave BUT not close enough to cause ingrown hairs or rash like you can get from wet shaving. I use it for underarms and bikini line then use a double edge safety razor to shave my legs.

    The single blade in a safety razor is actually less irritating and a closer, more effective shave than the multi-blade cartridges like Venus/Gillette/whatever. I use aloe Vera gel as shaving gel and then put on oat body lotion (like Aveeno) afterwards. The blades are recyclable and super cheap so it’s honestly sooooo much better than the cartridges in so many ways.

  3. i alternate between lactic acid lotions for exfoliating and then mixing my body lotion with diaper cream for sensitive areas to calm down the irritation.

    some irritation and ingrowns are inevitable. personally, on my skin and with my hair, i find the level of ingrowns/irritation to be identical for any method so i usually stick with nair/waxing because it delays the issues.

  4. Have you tried sugaring?? Or Surgi-Wax or another strip-free wax? For exfoliationg, perhaps a Aha or Bha face wash, an Aha lotion ( like Alphahydrox) and an Italy towel would work well for you. You can get Italy towels off of Amazon and in better ( or larger) Asian shoppes. And Italy towel is just a really good, exfoliating washcloth made of viscose ( the better ones have a stripe down one side). Do NOT use on your face, though. Just look up Italy towel or Korean exfoliating washcloth. I suggest the long ones, rather than the mitts, as they tend to shrink a bit.

  5. As an olive-skinned woman with French and Ukrainian genes giving my thick dark pelt of leg hair, I’ve had the most luck with laser hair removal at a dermatologist-supervised clinic. I’m not sure if that’s the pro-route you tried or if it’s feasible with your skin tone, but that’s been my holy grail. Wish I had more/better options for you!

    Some people find electrolysis helpful, and that one works for any skin tone …

    Bleaching your leg hair blonde/golden could help with the unsightliness of it, and might soften/weaken it? That wouldn’t have ingrown hairs. Also, if you shaved that with an electric razor you could have it shorter and less visible and no ingrown hairs. Not a method I’ve tried, but it might be good for you?

    Wishing you the best. Spending time doing hair removal is the “societal expectations of being a woman” chore I hate the most. It’s the worst!

  6. Electrolysis worked well for me on my face and neck:) I just takes many times and it’s a slow process. I used neem oil to heal and stayed out of the sun /extra sun protection after :]

  7. As a mixed girl (Hawaiian, Mexican, and German), I feel you. For like my arms, I use a trimmer to just keep the hair short when it starts looking wispy, not to shave it off. For my face, I’ve had a lot of success with the Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover. I started using it recently because I can’t safely do a lot of facial hair removal (retinoid user).

    1 You may have to use the Finishing Touch tool daily.
    2 The tool takes a AA battery (the rechargeable version of the tool I read sucks).
    3 If you’re trying to trim long or super coarse hair, it may not work as well (haven’t tried).

    1 It has dealt with some serious, thicc peach fuzz, in addition to darker/coarser hair on the upper lip, etc. If you’re careful, you can even do the forehead and area above your brows with it.
    2 It has not irritated my skin, and it’s pretty sensitive/acne prone.
    3 Doing this as a first step in the morning for my skincare routine, my products seem to go on better (and my makeup doesn’t get caught on all the fluff).
    4. If I do it daily, it takes just a couple minutes to touch up every day.

    When you look at other girls, know that everyone has hair all over. Trends like “glass skin” only happen when girls microblade their peach fuzz (which can be dangerous). I feel comfortable just trying to keep what I have looking groomed, but it took me time to get here. I hope you find your comfort zone with yourself!

  8. I am an Indian too, I am currently going through laser hair removal and it has been amazing. Maybe try that, I have had two sessions on my legs and literally no hair in site. Going to get few more sessions to permanently remove it.

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