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is there a temporary long-term body hair removal solution?

I’m a late teen white guy with VERY thick and VERY fast-growing black body hair. For the most part, I like/don’t mind it. But there are times when I’d want to have smooth skin, like during the peak of the hot summer, or when I’m doing swimming competitions. I’ve tried shaving, trimmers, waxing, hair-removal cream/spray and they all last 12 hours or a day, or a max of 2 days before my hair grows back thick and pointy again. Epilators are a no for me and I’m yet to try sugaring.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want to permanently remove my hair nor make it grow back thinner/lesser. There are times when having body hair is better/more ideal, but I am looking for a solution that lasts a few weeks to a few months at a time (or at least maybe one week of no hair). What suggestions do you have? If I use an at-home IPL device once a month or less frequently would it be a good temporary fairly long-lasting solution? If I use IPL every once in a while, would my hair still grow back the same way it was (not less, not thinner) when i stop using it?

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  1. Nothing like what you want exists as far as I’m aware. Once a month at home IPL will probably not give you any results at all, since you are supposed to use it weekly and it still takes months to see a difference. Plus, even if you went that route, there is no guarantee of how your hair will grow back; it would probably end up looking very patchy and weird.

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