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[Islam] – God cannot be considered worthy of worship if he created billions despite knowing they’d burn in hell for eternity

I’m aware that free-will/determinism/predestination have been discussed at length on this sub, but like many I’m posting this because I’d like my specific point to be directly addressed.

My ‘grievance’, if you will, is that God cannot be considered worthy of worship if he created billions of people (before they could even sin) knowing exactly how they would exercise their free will to end up in the worst possible punishment imaginable for all of eternity. Such a punishment was also deliberately created by God himself, which could be (and is) another thread altogether.

The deliberate creation of eternal hell, along with the deliberate decision to create people despite knowing they’d end up there, are actions incompatible with a God worthy of worship, devotion, and praise.

Hopefully this analogy will illustrate what I’m trying to say:

x200B;gt;You’re a skydiving instructor and somehow know with 100% certainty that the solo diver you’re with will deliberately not deploy their parachute. Do you release his tether and allow him to jump?
x200B;gt;In the fuller picture, the instructor would approve the reservation, accept the payment, provide the equipment, taxi off the tarmac, AND take off with full knowledge of exactly what the person will choose to do.

A counter I’ve heard was that the instructor would have had to implore the person not to jump at every step in the process (just like the way God admonishes us according to Islam), and that it’s still the person’s fault for choosing to ignore the warnings.

But what’s the point in giving all the warnings if you know 100% from the start that the person will ignore them? You have all the power to stop it from happening by refusing to accept the appointment, refusing to take off, etc., but go through with it anyway. It confounds logic to claim the instructor isn’t culpable for anything here. However, Islam still asserts that God cannot be held accountable for anything.

Unless your response is “we can’t possibly understand God, deal with it,” then it must reason that God is not analogous to the knowledgeable skydiving instructor. If this is the case, how must the analogy be changed to reflect what Islam really says about God’s omniscience and predestination?

Whenever I think about this, I imagine myself witnessing God placing a soul into a body. As he’s doing it, God tells me “this person will end up in Hell”. I see the act of ensoulment as an act of setting the poor soul on its course to a fate worse than the human imagination can comprehend. I find it impossible to see it any other way.

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  1. This is the doubt which i always have in my religion. I searched it everywhere but couldn’t find any satisfactory answer. Hoping to find the answer here

  2. I am a muslim. Yes, he knows our fate, our secrets, amount of heart beats, etc…Why? Because he is Allah our creator and he is the greatest.

    Clearly you understood what is he(Allah) capable of in terms of knowing each person’s fate way before he(Allah) created them and his ability to resurrect the dead in the judgement day, then why dont you follow him?

  3. In Quran God says that He doesn’t know what His subjects will pick and the reason behind it He didn’t set an outcome for His subjects. Simply He didn’t set an outcome.

    If He were to set an outcome for everybody, then He would precast all with belief, but He let His subejcts pick whatever they want to do, and hypocrites of scholars pulled His decrees to side so that they would place “predestination” in the set of codes to abide by.

    The predestination is about obedience to ruling elite, not to God, hence it has no place in His Book.

  4. The problem here is that you want your cake and wish to eat it too.

    God being omniscient and omnipotent are essential for God, especially one who you believe will judge you on your actions.

    You want God not to be omniscient? Well, then He could possibly judge you incorrectly.

    You want God not to be omnipotent? Well, then He might not be able to bring about justice.

    Basically you wouldn’t worship a God who *wasn’t* omniscient and omnipotent. Absolute justice can only be established if both traits are present.

    Additionally, this is just naturalistic hard determinism in another color. Atheists who believe in determinism also believe in criminal punishment *regardless* of the fact that the natural universe has transpired to force someone to commit a crime. So to complain an omniscient God is somehow wrong for doing so without complaining about how determinism winds up in the same bucket is odd at the very least.

  5. Are you saying that even if you had 100% undeniable proof of the existence of Allah and the afterlife as depicted in the Qur’an that you wouldn’t worship him?

    Edit: I am not claiming to have 100% undeniable proof. This question was merely for clarification of the position.

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