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It was not the fear of being arrested, Cabeza de Vaca says he was not invited to Villarreal’s inauguration as Governor of Tamaulipas – .

Former Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca clarified today“to avoid speculation”, that he did not attend the inauguration of his successor Américo Villarreal Anaya on Saturday simply because he was not invited.

When the agenda for that day was announced in the local Congress, which included the protocol in which the incoming president would protest, the PAN member was excluded and the program was not mentioned to him.

It was speculated that García Cabeza de Vaca would not appear at the event because, by losing the privilege of governor, would have fled the countrywell could be arrested by the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) for crimes related to corruption, although now he made the respective clarification.

In a thread that opened this morning on his twitter account @fgcabezadevaca, the Reynosense explained: “Good morning everyone. I post this tweet to avoid speculation. 1. I did not attend the swearing in of the new Governor because I was not summoned”.

He recalled that, at the end of his six-year term, he would take a break and, without being very clear, hinted that he would continue in the entity: “2. I said last week that I would take a few days off with my family and I am doing so and I will continue to attend to my ranch here in Tamaulipas.”

And, finally, in the last days of his administration, he remarked that he had laid the foundations for development to continue in the state: “3. After fulfilling duty, today Tamaulipas is on the path of development, security and prosperity. Greetings and have a good start to the week.


On Saturday, the ceremony drew attention to the absence of the outgoing president of Acción Nacional, who maintained a direct confrontation with the new governor of Morena, Américo Villarreal, until June 5, the day he won the election, and throughout the process. of Transition.

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