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Juarez Cartel threatens trailer drivers after accident in Villa Ahumada, they will give a floor to whoever speeds – .

After the fatal accident in smoky city which occurred last Wednesday, have begun to circulate alleged threats ofJuarez Cartel‘ towards trailersso that they drive “around the wheel” through that municipality.

They are not going to argue, they are not going to find out, they are simply going to give a flat to the colleague who incurs the fault”, says in an audio the caveat of an alleged cargo transport operator towards colleagues.

Through a publication, a message was written “to all the truck drivers who travel through the state of Chihuahua” (sic).

“After what happened in smoky village–says the message- we “The Juarez Cartel“We will take the following measures.”

“It is prohibited to circulate at more than 30 km / h in populated areas throughout the state. Take care of your integrity because we will be carrying out operations 24/7”, threatens the message.

And he asks to avoid “overshoots and bad maneuvers in areas where the working population is at risk.” It also indicates: “remove your led lights, avoid raising your voice to people in food establishments. Address with respect.”

They also demand not to use the horn in populated areas. “At the first complaint there will be 30 tablazos and there will be no call for attention.”

In the audio message that is released through media such as WhatsApp, the announcer assures that “a fellow maquiladora” warned him.

“So that the comrades who run along this side of the Mexican border to Ciudad Juárez don’t throw him on deaf ears.”

According to the messenger, one of the fatalities in the accident on September 7 was a relative of one of the threatening men.

“The friend I was talking to, an elderly person, I don’t think it’s ‘fake news,’ because apparently one of the people who died in the businesses that are on the highway was a close relative of one of them, and he is asking them to pass the Villa Ahumada section at the turn of the wheel”.

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