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Julián Garibay received a goring that puts his life in danger

the bullfighter Julian Garibay He suffered a life-threatening injury after a bull gored him in four directions totaling 80 centimeters.

The Mexican was caught by the animal; unable to break free, he continuously resisted the attack, which caused the injury be made more complex.

Two of the injuries occurred near the crotch, one more in the oblique and another in the region of the wind. Due to this situation, he was helped by the personnel in the place and transferred to the Villalba Hospital, in Madrid.

‘Bull horn wound in Scarpa’s Triangle with four trajectories; one, up and in, above the inguinal ligament, about 20 centimeters long, tearing the major oblique muscle of the abdomen, with no apparent intraperitoneal injury; another, up and out about 15 centimeters that reaches the antero-superior iliac spine; another out about 20 cm. that transversely reaches the outer face of the thigh, injuring the vastus lateralis muscle and the tensor of the fascia lata; another down and inside about 25 centimeters that severs the sartorius muscle and tears the crural muscle. Venous hemorrhage due to tearing of multiple muscular collaterals and thoracic contusion.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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