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Just turned 30 and addicted to fake tan – how to stop…?

I am the typical blonde hair blue eyed, practically see through pinky skin…

I dealt with self consciousness throughout my childhood which led me to dye my hair jet black and constantly fake tan

I have just turned 30 and I have gone back my childhood blonde colour and I feel so much happier!

The problem is, I am really “addicted” to fake tan and have for the past 5 or so years, had the weekly cycle of tanning on a Thursday every week

I have pale skin, with cool undertones

I am so tempted to go back to fully natural but the concept scares me so much, unfortunately I cannot naturally tan at all so I am really pale with the typical blue eyes, blue veins colouring

Does anyone have experience of going fully back to natural?

I work in the beauty industry and really see the “natural” trend coming back, but I am so scared to fully go for this!

I will still bleach my hair and have Botox to be honest. But I wonder if my next step to natural can be embracing my ghost like skin….

Any tips or support is much appreciated x

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I follow Nell Diamond on insta. She’s a pale goddess. Any time I start feeling down about my pasty skin I remember how fab she is. She owns it and she’s gorg.

  2. How often do you look at someone who is pale and think, ‘oh that looks terrible, they need to be darker?’

    You probably don’t…and no one will look at you and think that way.

    Obviously your opinion and feelings towards yourself matter most, but what helped me start actually liking my own nearly translucent, visible veiny, mottled skin, was realizing the only reason I had grown to hate it was because tanner skin was considered prettier.

    I would start using less of the tanner, so maybe leave on for not as long, or a lighter shade, until you work your way down to your natural skin. That way it won’t be such a contrast for you to get used to.

    Remember to make whatever decision for YOU and no one else!

  3. As a non white person my opinion is no one looks better with fake tan. The undertone gives it away every time and nothing is more uk girlie than a dark fake tan and bleached hair. Really depends on the look you’re going for

  4. Look into color seasons and style essences to find the vibes that will bring out your natural beauty and empower you in your styling choices.

    The good news is, if you try going without fake tan for a bit and hate it, you can to back to fake tan. It isn’t a long term commitment.

    You can also transition to some gradual tan products to wean yourself off

    In the end, whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful is the best choice. Be true to yourself.

  5. Why do you feel the need to follow a trend? If you like tanning and it suits you just keep doing it lol! Wide leg and straight leg jeans don’t look good on me so I stick to my skinny jeans!

  6. Are we talking fake tanning or sunbeds? If the latter, you should definitely stop immediately, apart from the obvious (skin cancer) it ages people a LOT. Would you rather be tanned and leathery or pale and not?

  7. Try switching to a “light” fake tan first to bring the colour down a bit, and see how you feel! At least then you’ll still have some colour and your normal Thursday routine

  8. I recently stopped getting spray tans after doing so for quite a while. The reason is, every time I got one, I’d get a comment about my spray tan – not an insult but just something along the lines that revealed it was obviously a spray tan. They really don’t look natural – kind of like huge eyelashes or hair extensions. It’s great when you can wear them and people think it’s real / but we’ve all seen the ones where it’s clearly fake. I feel like spray tans are typically very fake looking.

    I focused on wanting a more natural look and it helped transition away to embracing my natural skin tone.

  9. Why do you want to stop? I have dark brown hair and I’m fair in the winter and tan in the summer. It’s pretty jarring when I start losing my tan and I’m all purple under my eyes, I look kind of sick. A light coat of self tanner makes me feel much more like myself and healthy. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  10. Lean into the cool tones. I’m incredibly pale, and I’ve never been able to tan, just burn. I lean towards natural makeup looks that give me a rosy glow. I definitely reccomend looking up pale skinned celebrities/models for makeup inspiration.

  11. I also struggle with reconciling skin tone, I’m very light with cool undertones and lots of pinkness including mild rosacea and visible blue veins, not ideal really but its what I got in the genetic lottery. I find leaning into it, silver jewellery, lots of blue and lilac clothes (and true bright blood cool reds look fab on us) and sticking to natural hair to avoid clashing really helps to look better. I’m gonna double down on the natural hair colour too, your body knows what works best for you so embrace it! Make up wise also lean cool if you can and brown mascara not black helps too.

    Basically make your cool tone a feature not a bug, it’s harder for sure especially since warm tone is so appreciated in beauty culture and pale is sort of seen alt and quirky but screw it, you can bring main character energy with your ‘moon tan’

  12. Im going through the same thing! Ive had a soray tan membership for years and spray about weekly. I am freezing it for the winter and trying to embrace my pale skin!

    Some things im trying: bold lips to contrast, body makeup to make my skin seem more ‘glowy’ than pale.

  13. I’m about as pale as they come. Lily white skin and green eyes. I’ve been rocking the vampire look for years and get tons of compliments on my skin. I say give it a shot. Worst case? You can always go back to spray tanning. In my opinion, those spray tans never look quite right on naturally ivory skinned people.

  14. I have been my natural pink pale color for years because I’m lazy and sunless tanner is annoying. It always ends up fucked somewhere and darkens my pores and just makes me feel like I’m dirty. What I’d like to try is taking beta carotene supplements!

  15. I was a weekly fake tanner for 4 years. I have naturally almost black hair and eyes and my skin is white as a ghost.

    I stopped fake tanning because it was making my eczema worse and way more obvious.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to fake tanning now. It took me a little while to feel like “myself” in my pale skin but it’s really grown on me. I feel like I look way more interesting now than when I was tanned and it brings out my eyes and dark hair more.

    You just have to bite the bullet and go cold turkey. You’ll get used to it! Finding new makeup was the hardest part for me… but now I don’t buy fake tan I have more money for pretty makeup.

  16. I found it helped me a lot to look at pictures of beautiful pale celebrities. Dita Von Teese, Anne Hathaway, Anya Taylor Joy, google/pinterest is your friend here. Embrace your inner vampire! Don’t rob the world of viewing your unique humanness. It’s a shame that we think we have to look like other people in order to be beautiful.

    Iconic beauties throughout history have stood out because they SET the trend by being themselves. By standing out. Marilyn Monroe said she tried to be as pale as possible because she wanted to feel “blonde all over”. Porcelain skin can be extremely stunning when taken care of and embraced.

  17. I’m 33 and waiting for my fake bake to dry before bed. It’s fall so I just do a light bit on my face so I don’t feel so sickly looking. You can still do your tan, just maybe in a more natural shade!

  18. No way would I continually put unnecessary chemicals on my skin. When you get to my age (65) you will regret it. My old esthetician had the skin of a baby’s bum at 70 and hid from the sun. She was quite pale. She instilled in me to use natural products, how to cleanse my skin well and to be sure to drink water. Embrace your pale, darling.

  19. I own a mobile spray tan business and I can tell you that I never imagined how successful this would be or how popular when I started it.
    Women and men love to have a tan. It’s the finishing touch and usually the last beauty step they have before any event.
    I tan women of all ages!! My clients are usually women 35 and up. Lately I’ve been tanning more elderly women and they love the confidence and instant gratification of stepping out of my tent with a tan.
    It’s safe, it makes you feel sexy and confident, and I personally started this business because I also love to always have a spray tan on and couldn’t find anyone in my area doing it mobile.
    Maybe tone down the depth of tan you use in the winter months and go darker in the summer, or experiment with using some tanning drops in your body lotion or using something Iike Jergens lotion for a gradual, more subtle tan and see what shade you are comfortable with.

  20. I wouldn’t say putting fake tan on once a week equals an addiction! I am also very pale and tan once a week, it’s part of my routine now and I look and feel so much better with it on. If you like it then don’t feel like you have to stop!

  21. I’m blonde and blue eyed also and naturally pale but I hate being pasty so I will spray tan every now and then. I make sure to wipe down after the spray tan so it’s not too dark on me. It makes me feel better so if it makes you feel better, I say do it! What makes you beautiful is what makes you feel the most confident!

  22. I think it’s worth it to try a break & see how you feel? I mean fake tanning/not fake tanning is honestly way less permanent than hair color & if you really don’t like how you look sans tan, just go get one?

  23. This probably depends on where you live because as an American who spends a lot of time being bicoastal I do not see where you’re getting the idea that it’s not in to he “natural” *except* for when I worked at a hospital in NJ for a little over a year where most of the girls were serial tanners.

  24. Are we taking about tanning bed fake tan or self tanner fake tan you apply with a mitt?

    Because those are totally different for giving my opinion, if tanning bed then stop you’re basically asking for skin cancer. If self tanner from a bottle then hell it’s not doing any damage to you so if you like it then why stop? Trends come and go you should do what YOU like!

  25. Finding a good foundation match for your natural skin tone might change your life. I went 35 years without knowing that I have olive skin, which explained why every foundation that I thought was my natural skin tone looked awful on me. It just fueled my need for continuing with self tanner.

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