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Light-weight hair oils for girlies with only three strands?🤨

I was listening to a hair stylist (live love locks) on YouTube talk about hair growth and how to keep your ends healthy so they don’t have to get chopped off. He was saying something about how oiling the ends of your hair keeps the moisture in since water and oil don’t mix, which sounds great and legit and all and I definitely wanna try it, but I wanna be able to find an oil that actually works for me. My hair is super thin (curly, if that matters) and I’m afraid it would just get super weighed down:/

So basically, I really just wanna know if anyone else with my hair type has been able to find an oil that works for them (*plz and thancc u in advance*)

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I also recommend sweet almond oil, which I use on my fine bleached hair without issue.

    I also invested in Olaplex bonding oil which is meh and Morrocanoil treatment oil which is really good! A little goes a long way and they also have a light option for fine hair, which I will try next.

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