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Looking for a perfume recommendation from ladies who like the same scents!

I’ve had a really hard time nailing down a staple perfume and cannot get a good sense of smell after sampling 3 or 4 perfumes in store. My past staple was Prada candy, however, it feels a bit juvenile as I move into my later 20s. The last bottle I bought was Bonbon by viktor and rolf, I love that it has a sweet base but feels a bit more sophisticated than the Prada candy, but, I don’t feel like the scent lingers at all and for the price point I just don’t think it holds up to the cost. I’ve preceded just using sol de janieros bom dia bright cream as it seems to last so much longer and carries a bit of a heavier presence. I’d love to hear recommendations from anyone else who has found perfumes with the same scent profiles!

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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  1. I think I get you, Candy was my first too. Josune by Daniel Josier is one that just blows me away but haven’t seen discussed yet. I would also recommend JPG Classique, Classique Intense and Classique Pinup, Dior Poison, Hypnotic Poison and Dune. I hope this helps…

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