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Los Marros once again leave bodies in Celaya with a Narcomessage for Zermeño – .

Celaya, Guanajuato.- Motorists made a terrible discovery near the community of Saint Raphael of Yustisfinding the decapitated bodies of two men with a Narcomessage again for Zermeño.

On the bodies were a couple of cards with messages and near them the heads of the victims.

Around 8 a.m. this Saturday, the 911 emergency line received the reports that the bodies were found in the road that connects San Rafael de Yustis with the Valle de los Naranjos neighborhood.

Graphic content on our Telegram channel:

The first to arrive were Municipal Policewho confirmed the finding, confirming that it was two decapitated bodies, thrown in the middle of the road.

Versions indicate that they would possibly be the “raised” during the early hours of the morning in two houses in the community of Roque, located just over two kilometers away from the place where the decapitated bodies were found.

Instead of being summoned to face each other, they continue to raise only the lowest of the CJNG as vendors, hawks and even drug addicts.

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