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Man dies after falling into a drain in Jocotitlán

A man between the ages of 50 and 55 lost his life after fell from a height of approximately 3 meters, into a drain of drinking water that did not have a lid.

As a result of the blow he received on the head, at the time of the fall, said man died almost instantly before you received medical attention.

The events that cost the life of this individual, hitherto unknown, who wore a pink shirt, blue jean pants and black boots, type mining, was registered this Friday morning, in a field of grasslands, located in the streets of the Guadalupe neighborhood, at the entrance to the San Pedro de los Baños highway, in this municipality.

Police authorities reported that according to the first investigations carried out, the now deceased walked normally in the area, when suddenly he fell into a drinking water strainer that had no lid.

Some of the neighbors who affirmed that said strainer had not had a lid for more than a year, upon realizing that this man had fallen into the drain, they came to help him; however, since they could not get it out, due to the depth, they asked for the help of the emergency forces.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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