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Man dies run over on Chalco highway

The accident that cost the life of this man who is already identified, but whose name was not revealed, was recorded this Tuesday afternoon, on the Chalco-Santa Catarina Ayotzingo highway, in the neighborhood of the same name, in this municipality. .

Police authorities reported that according to the first investigations that were carried out, the now deceased was participating in the remodeling work of said highway, and was dragging a wheelbarrow with material and tools, when he was surprised and run over by a fast motorist who did not respect the signs and he entered the area where several of the workers worked.

As a result of the impact, the unfortunate man went flying and fell dead meters ahead before Red Cross paramedics gave him first aid.

Upon learning of the accident, while the municipal police cordoned off the entire area, the agent from the Public Ministry appeared at the scene, where once he had carried out the ministerial proceedings and ordered the removal of the body, he initiated the corresponding investigation folder by the crime of homicide against whoever is responsible.

Investigative police are already reviewing the security cameras in the area to identify, search and arrest the motorist who hit and killed this man.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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