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Man in wheelchair hit by car in Texas

A 17-year-old Texas man intentionally ran over a man in a wheelchair who was walking in a parking lot, sparking outrage across the state of Texas. The video shows a shocking scene.

The minor, identified as Pablo Antonio Avila-Banagas, 17, was taken into custody by Austin authorities Monday afternoon.

The photo shows a man in a wheelchair walking through a parking lot who, before reaching the sidewalk, saw a truck approaching and did not slow down, the man told him to stop, but Pablo Antonio ignored him and he deliberately ran over him, seriously injuring him.

After the young man hit him, he continued to walk away and tried to help the victims. The accident occurred on North Lamar Avenue on the morning of September 3, but the images emerged after the arrest of the culprit.

Some of the men driving the truck got out to help the man and called an ambulance to take him to hospital. The man in a wheelchair was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries to him.

It is also reported that the young man responsible for the accident can be charged with murder if the victim dies. A young man has been arrested after he intentionally ran over a man in a wheelchair in a parking lot in Austin, Texas. The shocking images were recorded by security cameras.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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