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Massacre in Irapuato; Guanajuato: Armed Commando Breaks into “El Pantano” Bar and Kills 12 People – .

Irapuato.- A massacre was recorded in Irapuato. This Saturday night a group of Sicarios entered the El Pantano barlocated in the Colonia La LupitaY they killed six men and six women to account for a total of 12 people executedBesides that left three other people injured.

Minutes after 8:15 p.m., everything was a party in the bar the swampin the southern area of ​​Irapuato.

But the toasts and jokes ended when armed individuals entered the bar and without saying a word opened fire and then run away.

Municipal Police officers explained that a group of armed men entered Jamaica street in at least three vehicleson the colony December 12, they came down with heavy caliber weapons and broke into the botanero center.

The group fired on everyone who was on the site. A woman tried to escape, but they followed her and executed her in the street.

The Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) of Irapuato confirmed that six women and six men died, and three more people were injured. They were taken to a hospital, but their health status is unknown at this time.

Security forces cordoned off the business to protect evidence. Experts and agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) will initiate the investigations to clarify the multiple homicide.

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