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Massacres by Guerra Menchos – Marros in Guanajuato left 20 dead this patriotic weekend – .

The week of patriotic celebrations closed in Guanajuato how it started, and worse: two massacres in homes in Silao and Romita and a third in an annex for people with addictions in Cortazar joined several murders in other municipalities of the state, which left 20 victims of intentional homicides and at least four more people injured in a single dayon Saturday the 17th.

The attack in Silao was preceded by the entry of a convoy to the community of San Juan de los Duránwith several armed civilians that, according to the testimonies of the residents, took over the town and visited several homes.

Arriving at a house Paseo del Tin streetThey burst in violently, finding several inside, who they shot at.

Three women and one man died in this event: Yessica, April, Maria del Carmen Y Miguel Angel.

Those responsible left the area and took the road towards Romita. Authorities reported that a van belonging to the assailants was found on fire on a dirt road.

Just a few minutes later, in the community the chisel of the municipality of Romita, another massacre took place in a building that was used as a store, on the corner of the Lázaro Cárdenas and Miguel Hidalgo streetswhere at that time about 15 people were gathered.

A convoy similar to the one that broke into the community of Silao arrived at this site from the neighboring municipality, and entered the store to shoot at the people who were there.

When corporations and ambulances arrived, they found five dead and another five injured, who were taken to hospital.

One of the wounded died later, bringing the number of people killed to six, all men between the ages of 18 and 46, confirmed the State Attorney General’s Office.

The FGE reported that the three survivors arrived at the hospital in serious condition.

The third massacre on Saturday broke out in a attention center for addicted people in the Nueva Fray Daniel neighborhoodin cut, where two of the inmates were murdered. A third presumably died while trying to get to safety, as he fell from the top of the building.

The annex “Spirit of the new creation”, located on Fray Efrén Sánchez street, was the scene of the irruption of an armed group with long weapons that fired at the inmates and employees.

Several managed to get to safety and ran out of the place, according to local media.

Beheaded, stabbed…

In Celaya, two men were beheadedafter having been deprived of their freedom from a home in the rock community.

Civilians first fired at the house, located a few steps from the main garden of Roque, and after abducting the two men with great violence, they took them away, according to versions of residents who asked for help through 911.

Later, the two bodies were found decapitated in the community of San Rafael de Yustis. Next to the mutilated corpses was placed a cardboard with the signature of an organized crime group. One of the two men was identified as Longinus, alias “The Kinos”, aged 53.

Also in Silao, another man was stabbed to death in a sports field located in the center of the city.

Other municipalities also added victims to this deadly Saturday, according to the report of the State Prosecutor’s Office.

In Liona corn vendor who put his cart next to the emblematic Calzada Arch monument was gunned down on Saturday night, in an area saturated with bars and restaurants full of customers at the time.

Also in that city, the body of a woman was found with traces of gunshots on the Colonia San Jose del ConsueloWhile in the Guadeloupe neighborhoodanother armed attack left a man dead and an 18-year-old wounded.

In Purisima del Rincona man was found dead in a community, with blood on his face.

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