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Members of a gang of highway thieves are arrested in Juventino Rosas – .

Derived from a timely intervention implemented by elements of the Single Command of the State Public Security Forcesfeatured in the Municipality of Juventino Rosas, a gang of highway robbers was captured.

The incident occurred when the FSPE troopsreceived the report citizen on the theft of a truck carrying merchandise consisting of vegetable oil.

After receiving the information, the elements of the state police deployed a search patrol and managed to locate a dirt road that leads to the community of El Naranjillo to seven subjects who, noticing the police presence, boarded two vans trying to flee the site, however, a quick reaction by the police officers prevented it.

In this place, two vans were seized in which the alleged perpetrators tried to escape, who identified themselves as:

  • Edgar “N”, 26 years old, resident of the city of Celaya.
  • Oscar “N”, 29 years old, residing in Celaya.
  • Luis “N”, 22 years old, residing in Celaya,
  • Martín “N”, 21 years old, residing in Celaya.
  • Alejandro “N”, 32 years old, residing in Celaya.
  • Francisco “N”, 22 years old, residing in Celaya.
  • José “N”, 20 years old, residing in Juventino Rosas

This people They were traveling in two vans, a Ford Edge brand.Suv’s type, black, with license plates of foreign origin and a mark Chevy BlazerVagoneta type, model 1999, green color.

In both vans they transported boxes of vegetable oil and in one of them a signal inhibitor was found inside.

Upon inspecting the place, the International brand tractor, version FLD120, model 2004, green, with a white box, with the same characteristics as the one reported stolen, was seized, as well as 1,000 boxes of vegetable oil, merchandise with an approximate value of market of $360,000.00 pesos.

In addition, another Freightlinner brand cargo truck, version FLD120, model 2006, white, was secured in the same place.

As a result of what happened, the detained persons, as well as everything insured, were made available to the competent authority.

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