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Meta-Thread 08/15

This is a weekly thread for feedback on the new rules and general state of the sub.

What are your thoughts? How are we doing? What’s working? What isn’t?

Let us know.

And a friendly reminder to report bad content.

[If you see something, say something.](;amp;s=e7f702e423c0787a0c340e0a65824b6615d26476)

**This thread is posted every Monday. You may also be interested in our weekly** [**Simple Questions**]( **thread (posted every Wednesday) or** [**General Discussion**]( **thread (posted every Friday).**

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
I have been reading and writing for over 20 years. My passion is reading and I would like to someday write a novel. I enjoy exercise and shopping.


  1. Why do I spend the vast majority of my time doing maintenance in the comments instead of actually debating.

    I feel like when I make a post I am always herding sheep in the comments. People are only adjacently on topic. They write what appears to be garbled nonsense. They barely address OP.

    It seems like a large portion of the time, a person’s rebuttal to my post is actually addressed *in the post itself* and if they just read the damn thing then they wouldn’t have needed to write it.

    Rarely do I get a reply that fully addresses the argument that I make in OP.

    Here are a couple of recent posts of mine:




    See how few of the comments actually engage with the post?

    Am I just writing in an unclear way? Does this sub just have poor quality interaction? Or is there something I can do to clear things up for people from the start?

  2. We need to get more theists on here to defend how they actually get from a creator deity to their preferred God.

    There are countless posts defending the Kalam. Where are the posts defending Jesus’ resurrection?

  3. I like the new rule about top comments being required to have a specific flair. Too often, an atheist will write a post, and other atheists will comment in agreement, so it’s not much of a debate. And I like the fact that it forces people to set a flair, which is helpful in clarifying what people are arguing for.

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