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Mexican Army and Air Force seize aircraft and possible cocaine in Chiapas

The Secretary of National Defense

informs that in order to avoid damages to National Security and within the framework of the National Strategy for Public Security, the Zero Impunity policy of the federal government, as well as the intelligence procedures for the surveillance and protection of the national air space, contemplated in the agreements established in the Conference on Regional Interoperability of Air Space Surveillance and Security, between Latin American and Caribbean countries; on October 8 of this year, Army and Force personnel

Mexican Air Force seized an aircraft with possible cocaine in Chiapas.

The Comprehensive Air Surveillance System of the Ministry of National Defense detected an unidentified aircraft from South America, which is why it alerted the Helicopter and Land Reaction Forces of the Territorial Commands of the Mexican Army; Likewise, it ordered the Mexican Air Force to take off 2 Embraer EMB-145 planes, 3 UH-60 helicopters and 2 T-6C planes to follow up on the aforementioned suspicious aircraft.

Due to radar and visual contact, it was observed that the suspicious aircraft landed 14 kilometers southwest of Tres Picos, Chis., where a group of individuals was located who chose to abandon the alleged cargo and illicit aircraft, realizing that the proximity of military personnel.

A UH-60 helicopter arrived at the site of the illegal landing, transporting the Helicopter Reaction Force made up of members of the Mexican Army and Air Force, who established a security perimeter, inspected the suspicious aircraft and carried out reconnaissance on the outskirts of the area, locating various packages weighing approximately 340 kilograms of a substance with characteristics similar to cocaine.

The aircraft and the seized drug were made available to the competent authorities, who will carry out the expert confirmation of the type and amount of drug.

These activities were carried out in strict adherence to the rule of law, thereby preventing this type of addictive substance from reaching Mexican youth and affecting their comprehensive development.

With these actions, the Mexican Army and Air Force endorse their commitment to ensure and safeguard the well-being of citizens, as well as guarantee the sovereignty, security and protection of the national airspace, contributing to the Mexican government to maintain peace and security of the population.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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