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Mexican falls in love with Peruvian, travels to meet him and is dismembered, they would have commercialized her organs – .

With the illusion of knowing love and sharing his dreams, he arrived at the Peru Blanca Arellano Gutierreza 51 year old woman from Mexicowho she met through the social networks a Juan Pablo Villafuerte Pintoa young medical student of the José Faustino Sánchez Carrión de Huacho National University.

However, this story began to turn gray, when suddenly White stopped communicating with his relatives. It was exactly on November 7 that the woman cut off all kinds of messages and even her cell phone stopped working.

But how does this torrid start Romance What would have a dark ending? According to Blanca’s family, she arrived in Lima on July 27 and immediately moved to the city of Huachoplace where he lives who was his partner. Until then, the woman was quite enthusiastic and she told her family all the time what her life with Juan Pablo was like.

In addition, Blanca mentioned that they lived very close to the huacho beach and that to be in communication with her boyfriend, she had acquired a cell phone from Peru, a number that was not given to her relatives. Given this news, her relatives in Mexico were happy because everything seemed to be going as she planned.

However, at the beginning of November something strange happened, since Blanca was not one to leave her cell phone turned off, nor did she stop frequenting her social networks. On the contrary, she was very active and communicative, it was then that the family set off the alarms.


As a first measure, the Arellano Gutierrez’s niecedecided to write to Juan Pablo Villafuerte Pinto through Facebook to ask about the whereabouts of his aunt, but the medical student’s answers left the young woman with no taste.

Hello John, I hope you are well. Hey, a super favor is that my aunt has been incommunicado since Sunday and my family is worried. whatDo you think you can tell her to contact us please she is fine?”, wrote his niece named Karla.

To which Juan Pablo replied: “Hello, the truth is that I have not heard anything for several days. She decided to leave by mutual agreement, she couldn’t give her the life she wanted and well, in a few words, she got bored with me, she went to Lima to find a ticket to Mexico, that’s where my show ended. I hope he does well. I no longer know anything else about the subject, I tell you with sadness and well, take care of yourself and I hope you get there safely. Surely her chip stopped working or the battery, anyway, see you soon Karla”.

This response left Blanca’s family very disconcerted, because she never mentioned that there was a crisis in the relationship and that she intended to return to Mexico that way, so they began a search with the support of friends and people who had Peru extended their hand.

Family asks for help to find Blanca

Through various messages, the family asked for the support of their friends and people in Peru to share a publication detailing the disappearance of Blanca Arellano.


We ask for your help in locating Blanca Olivia Arellano Gutierrez (Mexican citizen). She traveled on July 27 to the city of Lima, Peru, where she arrived on July 27 at 2:45 am in the Jorge Chavez airport. There her sentimental partner, a native of Peru, picked her up, ”wrote Karla Arellano, a niece who denounced the incident.

“Monday, November 7, was the last day we had contact and, in turn, it was the last day that he connected to all his networks. We only have the number for Mexico, the Peruvian phone contracted and/or bought it and no one has it as well as your address. We know that he lived 15 minutes from the sea and very close to the university and a market, ”he added.

After taking this action and following Juan Pablo’s statements, the family has pointed him out as the first suspect in Blanca’s disappearance, since she was only with him because she was his only contact in Peru.

suspect’s contradictions

Something that has attracted a lot of attention is the way in which Juan Pablo Villafuerte Pinto has changed his version of the facts. He first said that he had finished with Blanca, but then he assured that she was never her partner, that he only helped her because she was “indigent.”

“Hello, first of all I was not a boyfriend, she was homeless, with no place to live and my only crime was to catch up with her and money from time to time so she can eat. In her poor state of mental health, things will have been mixed up and her niece can’t post my photos as if I were a criminal, that’s wrong. I do not hide from anyone because I did nothing wrong, ”wrote Juan Pablo, who even changed his profile photo to an image of an“ avatar ”.

“Social networks are not police officers. This is false news, the authors can be reported, I will take action on the matter, the only wrong I did was help a person who did not have the resources to survive in the city. That’s it,” she added.

Fishermen find remains of dismembered woman


On November 10, a group of fishermen found the remains of a ceremonial body in the Huacho beach shore. The corpse was that of a woman. Until the place came the National Police of Peruagents of Public Ministry and Criminalistics, to start with the inquiries about this found body. It is presumed that it could be Blanca Arellano.

The first reports issued by the authorities confirmed that the fishermen of said port found an exposed head, a few meters from it, they found a right arm. One of the fingers still had a ring on it.

The body is open, it has no organs”, said one of the men who found the woman’s body to RPP Noticias.

In addition, it was learned that on November 11, another part of the body appeared, this time it was the torso, which was located at the mouth of a drought on Chorrillos beach.

The fiscal shift, frame necklacesreported that the victim’s body did not present “any mark” that would allow identifying who it would be, so it cannot give further details to avoid speculation.


“I couldn’t say more why it would be speculating, you have to take the experts to do the corresponding skills […] (He was) approximately 40 years old, says the doctor,” he said.

For his part, Luis Santos Villar, head of the Huacho Police Division (DIVPOL), reported that the head of the Criminal Investigation Department (Depincri) of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) is already aware of this case, so the corresponding measures were initiated according to our laws.

“It is an unfortunate fact, it seems apparently a passionate event. Unfortunately, the disease of the human being sometimes reaches those limits that are regrettable […] The head of the Depincri is coordinating with Lime”, added Colonel Santos.

ring could be the key

At the time they found the woman’s remains, an undescribed silver ring was found between her fingers. According to her relatives, she used this accessory all the time, so the remains could be Blanca Arellano Gutierrez.

The family is waiting for the DNA results carried out on the corpse, as well as the dental sample taken by the experts.

Embassy of Mexico in Peru pronounces

The Mexican embassy in Peru has already learned of this case and has been providing all the facilities to the family of Blanca Arellano Gutierrez after her disappearance and possible murder.

“The Embassy has been in permanent communication with the Peruvian National Police and the Prosecutor’s Office in order to follow up and assist with the procedures that have been carried out to coordinate the search for the person and investigate the circumstances surrounding his disappearance,” he said. .


The Peru Police arrested this Thursday the suspect for the disappearance and femicide of Blanca Arellano, a Mexican citizen who arrived in the country to meet this man, after the 72-hour detention order imposed by the Judiciary, according to local media reports when sharing a video of the detention.

Juan Pablo “N” was being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged crimes of femicide, human trafficking and organ traffickingand has been arrested in the Lima district of Villa El Salvador this Thursday night.

The Public Prosecutor explained that Villafuerte37 years old and a medical student, is linked to the disappearance of the 51-year-old Mexican Blanca Arellano Gutierrezwith whom, apparently, he had a sentimental relationship and who arrived in Peru on July 28 to meet him.

This Tuesday, the Prosecutor’s Office carried out proceedings in the room where Villafuerte resided, in the town of Huacho in the department of Lima, as part of the ongoing investigation, and according to police sources told local media, they found traces of blood, hair, clothing woman and a Mexican flag, according to local media reports.

The police chief of the Huacho Criminal Investigation Department, Elvis Baños, told the RPP radio station that the person being investigated evaded the questions and that after the interrogation he went to the capital.

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