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Mexico awaits Dámaso López Serrano the “Mini Lic” for the execution of journalist Javier Valdez after calling him “Prop Gunman” – .

Damaso Lopez Serranoof Sinaloa Cartel, will serve a sentence of 72 months on supervised release. An arrest warrant awaits him for intellectual authorship in the Homicide of the Ríodoce journalist

Although the Federal Court for the Southern District of California resolved that Damaso Lopez Serrano alias the mini lic”, son of drug trafficker Dámaso López Núñez Graduate”, He has already served a good part of his sentence of 72 months in prison and the rest will be able to pay it in supervised release, In Mexico, an arrest warrant awaits him for the murder of Sinaloan journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (bop) will follow up on the criminal who, during his internment in US prisons, showed good behavior, including asking for forgiveness before the judicial authority for his conduct of having imported thousands of kilos of heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine into the United States.

According to journalist Keegan Hamilton, Damaso Lopez Serrano said before the Judge Dana Sabraw in the United States: “I just want to offer an apology to all those people who I hurt so much with my actions. I did wrong and I admit it. I was wrong to choose that path.”

“El Mini Lic” would add: “I have suffered the loss of many family members and friends. I have been through difficult and painful times, but my family was with me through them. I’m going to be a completely different person than I used to be. I ask you for an opportunity to start a new life.”

Judge Sabraw affirmed that she believed in the young man’s repentance and considered that this case is exceptional compared to other heads of the Sinaloa Cartel, clarifying that the junior obtained this short sentence for his participation as a protected witness against drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

The godson ofShortyGuzman was arrested on July 27, 2017, while crossing the Baja California border and handed over to staff United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEAfor its acronym in English), accused of leading a network of young people from the Sinaloa Cartelknown as “the anthraxes”.

Lopez Serrano34, pleaded guilty to the charges filed in January 2018, and although he was initially in a New York prison, the now convicted was transferred to a federal prison in Oklahoma in August 2019, after receiving death threats for participating in the so-called “trial of the century” against his godfather.

In Mexico, López Serrano is accused of being the intellectual author of the murder of journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas, which occurred on May 15, 2017 in Culiacán. For this reason, since January 2020 there has been an arrest warrant issued against him by a Control Judge.

To date, two people are detained and sentenced as material authors of the crime of the journalist of the weekly newspaper Ríodoce: Heriberto Picos BarrazaThe koala”, sentenced to 14 years eight months in prison; Y Juan Francisco Picos-Barruetothe keel”, who received a sentence of 32 years in prison.

According to the results of the investigations and Ríodoce’s version, Valdez was murdered for publishing the noteDamasus and the school of the great giver“, in which describes to the “mini licWhat prop gunman, a narco of corridos by order and without the leadership capacity that his father Dámaso López Núñez had”.

The note allegedly upset “people from Eldorado,” alluding to the area where the Sinaloa Cartel cell led by The Damasos, receiving in payment, one of the assassins, a silver pistol with white handles with an engraved image of Dámaso López Serrano. The butchers also received an offer of money for the execution.

A third subject named Luis Ildefonso SanchezThe devil”, who together with “El Quillo”, shot at Valdez, while “El Koala” was in charge of driving the vehicle in which the criminals fled. During the search for the material murderers, it was learned that Sánchez was murdered and burned in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora in 2017.

Mexican authorities have already contacted the US government so that, in the event that “El Mini Lic” is deported, they are notified to complete the arrest warrant issued in Mexico and prosecute him for the crime against the journalist.

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