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Ministers of Guanajuato repel the attack of a subject that they were going to arrest and wound him along with his companion, in Querétaro, he has already died – .

In the sun city colony, Ministerial Police of Guanajuato they executed an arrest warrantemited by judge of the state of Guanajuatoagainst masculine for the crime of homicide in the neighboring state.

In accordance with national protocols, the collaboration provided to police from other entities, by authorities where an authority mandate is executed, is to supervise actions in accordance with said protocol and provide support on the periphery.


The responsible resisted, tried to attack elements of the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Officeso that When the elements repelled the aggression to preserve their integrity, they caused gunshot wounds to him and another personwho They were taken to the hospital as detainees.nevertheless the subject died while being operated on and his companion is in serious condition.

In the immediate vicinity of the place, the investigations are carried out and the people who intervened will be made available to the Querétaro Prosecutor’s Office to determine their legal status.


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