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Minor carries weapon to Monterrey high school

On Wednesday morning a minor entered with a slug gun to a secondary of Montereyfor which he was arrested by elements of the Civil Force.

The event occurred in the Secondary 42 “Olivia Sánchez Peña”in the Valle Verde Segundo Sector neighborhood, the corporation reported in a statement.

He explained that students on campus reported to a teacher that their second-grade classmate was carrying a weapon.

Therefore, teachers applied the school security protocol of the Ministry of Education and evacuated the classroom, in order to protect the integrity of the students.

He indicated that upon arrival, the uniformed officers found in the teenager’s backpack a Crosman model C-11 4.5 mm caliber weapon -a slug squad type pistol-.

The report was made before the SE and the student’s parents, who were present at the shelter and transfer to the CODE Specialized in Justice for Adolescents Alamey.

He clarified that based on the Law of the Special Justice System for Adolescents of the State of Nuevo León, the minor was not handcuffed.

Finally, he pointed out that the state’s Specialized Investigation Unit for Adolescents will be in charge of providing psychological care and investigating the student’s daily living environment.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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