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Missing grandfather found beaten to death in Malinalco

Beaten to a pulp was found this morning lying on a dirt road, the body of a 63-year-old man who had disappeared last night, after he left his house to go to a party.

Police authorities reported that so far the identity of the alleged murderers is unknown, who, they said, surely murdered this man during a fight, over drinks.

The body of this man, identified as Rosalio “N”, was found minutes after 7 in the morning this Friday, lying on a dirt road, located in the community of Tepopula, in the municipality of Malinalco.

Some of the neighbors who were walking by the place, realizing that this man was lying down and that apparently he was already dead, they immediately informed the police, so that minutes later elements of the municipal police appeared at the scene, who, upon confirming that this individual was already dead, cordoned off the entire area and requested the intervention of the Public Ministry to attest to the facts.

During the first visual inspections that he carried out at the scene, the MP reported that the now deceased was lying face down and that he had severe blows to the body, mainly on the face and chest, for which it is believed that he was killed during a fight. .

During the ministerial proceedings carried out by the Social Representative, relatives of the now deceased appeared at the scene and, having the body in front of them, pointed out that the deceased was their relative, whom they identified as Rosalio and whom they had been looking for since yesterday, after He left his home to go to a party and never came back.

Once the ministerial proceedings were concluded and once the removal of the body was ordered, the MP began the corresponding investigation folder for the crime of homicide.

Meanwhile, investigative police officers have already started their police work, in order to clarify the crime and achieve the identification and capture of those responsible.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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