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Morenista leader was killed in the Sonora Grill shooting

Salvador Llamas Urbina, head of the Potable Water, Drainage and Sewerage System (SEAPAL) of Puerto Vallarta and national advisor to Morena, was shot dead on Friday while eating at the Sonora Grill restaurant in the Providencia neighborhood, in Guadalajara.

The shooting occurred around 6:00 p.m. on October 21 and the balance was three dead and four injured.

“The participation of organized crime at the scene is more than evident,” Jalisco state prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez told the media, confirming that Llamas Urbina was one of the fatalities.

Llamas Urbina was in the establishment located between Av. Terranova and Calle Florencia, in the Providencia neighborhood, when one of the subjects with whom he was sharing a table drew his weapon and shot directly at the official.

a direct attack

According to testimonies, the group was in a private smoking area when they started arguing. One of them pulled out a pistol and shot Salvador Llamas Urbina, unleashing a shootout that lasted nearly five minutes.

Near the bar, one of his escorts, Luis Fernando Muñoz Ortega, who was Commissioner of Puerto Vallarta until June of this year, was murdered.

Diners who were in the place threw themselves to the ground and were led by Sonora Grill staff to a safe area, according to videos shared on social networks.

According to reports, the attackers were chased by other escorts and the shooting moved towards the public road. There, one of the assailants was killed.

The governor of the state, Enrique Alfaro, issued a message on social networks asking the population to avoid the area:

“This afternoon we again faced an act of violence in our city, a direct attack on a restaurant in Providencia. The area is guarded by officials from the three levels of government, the investigations are ongoing and there is no risk to circulate in the area.

violence in the state

Salvador Llamas was present at the shooting on October 2, outside the Landmark Plaza, in the Puerta de Hierro area, as reported on his personal social networks. One dead and three wounded was the preliminary result of a confrontation between armed civilians in the exclusive area.

“Insecurity cannot rob us of peace of mind. We Jalisco people cannot live in fear,” the official tweeted at the time.

Just on October 17, two men were murdered as they left the Benito Juárez auditorium in Zapopan, where the October Festivities take place. The State Government reported that the events stemmed from a lawsuit during a cockfight inside the palenque.

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