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Motorcycle taxi driver killed in Chimalhuacán

In the municipality of Chimalhuacán, an intentional homicide was recorded in the Saraperos neighborhood, on Torres Avenue, the events occurred shortly before midnight.

Some versions say that the victim was intercepted by a subject, this without any warning, drew a firearm and fired, thus leaving him on the ground.

After the attack, residents of the area left their homes and found an injured man, for which they requested the support of the emergency services which, despite their rapid arrival, only certified that the man had already died.

The area was cordoned off while personnel from the Homicide Prosecutor of the State of Mexico carried out the corresponding expert reports.

As a result of this attack, motorcycle taxi drivers asked the municipal president Xóchitl Flores Jiménez for greater security, as well as the implementation of patrols, since they assure that they are very scarce.

It should be noted that no one has been detained for these events.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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