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Motorcyclist and pipe collide in Tláhuac

Yesterday afternoon there was an accident in the streets of col. Villa Centroamericana I, in the Tláhuac mayor’s office, where a motorcyclist died.

“The one on the motorcycle was coming on La Turba avenue and the pipe turns on the way back and he doesn’t realize it and hits the one on the motorcycle,” explained Miguel Ángel, a witness to the events.

According to the first reports, the events were recorded at the intersection of La Turba and Heberto Castillo avenues, where after the accident the inhabitants detained the driver of the pipe and handed him over to the police.

In the place is the water pipe, license plate 3625CE, and the white motorcycle, license plate 917E4, as well as the victim, who despite being treated No vital signs were reported.

The circulation towards the east is affected due to this accident, for which elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) cordoned off the area.

The arrival of experts from the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ CdMx) is expected, relatives of the deceased young man, who was approximately 30 years old, arrived at the scene of the accident.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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