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Motorcyclist dies in Mexico – Querétaro

A motorcyclist riding through the central lanes of the Mexico-Querétaro highway at the height of Lago de Guadalupe, municipality of Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico suffered a fatal accident and died at the scene.

Preliminary data indicate that the driver of the motorcycle was driving in the direction of Valle Dorado, when he skidded and fell resoundingly.

Almost immediately, various security and emergency bodies arrived in the area who tried to help him, but the victim who was on the asphalt folder and did not show vital signs.

Immediately, the police elements proceeded to flag down the body and the motorcycle while the expert services arrived.

The identity of the driver is unknown at this time.

Due to this fatal accident, the area is severely affected in its circulation and the vehicular load reaches the vicinity of the Ford brand automotive plant.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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