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Motorcyclist dies on Av. Las Torres, Toluca

In the direction of Zinacantepec and passing the deviation known as “Torres Chicas”, a man appeared lifeless with his motorcycle on one side, during the morning of this Saturday.

The approximately 35-year-old victim was wearing blue jeans and a black jacket; she was driving a black motorcycle and was lying on the state avenue in the direction of Zinacantepec, between Parque Nahuatlaca and Parque Desierto del Carmen streets, in the Parques Nacionales de Toluca neighborhood; in front of the Tres Interurbano Mexico-Toluca station.

So far the cause of the accident is not known, since due to its characteristics it could have skidded or it could also have been thrown by another vehicle, however, it will be the authorities who determine the causes.

The site was flagged by the Toluca police, while personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office carried out the removal of the body.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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