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My (22 M) boyfriend (25 M) keeps sexual photos of other men

Me and my boyfriend have been together for less than a month. Everything is going great at the moment, however, one night he opened his gallery and showed me a recent screenshot that he took of a lewd photo of some other guy that he knows.

In my opinion, its fine if he looks at other men and appreciate their beauty or something. We are all free to appreciate anything we like. What I don’t understand is why does he have to keep the photo/screenshot? I told him to feel free to do this but don’t let me know as I feel uncomfortable. It makes me feel insecure as I feel like my physique is not enough for him that he saves photos of other lewd men while dating me. He told me that he takes those screenshots out of habit.

Any advice is appreciated.

Feel free to ask additional questions if I miss anything.

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