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My boyfriend failed the No Nut November because of a dancing TikTok video

I (18F) got pissed today at my bf (19M). Today is November 3rd and we always joke about doing the No Nut November. Well, he failed this because he did the deed 3 times today. I was not pissed because he “failed” the No Nut November but because of the reason why he failed.

I was on a call with my bf when he told me that he is feeling numb and tired because he masturbated too much. I asked him why and he sent me a video on TikTok. There are a bunch of cosplayers dancing to a song with no suggestive meaning whatsoever. He said he got horny by watching that video so he masturbated (not to the video). It icked me because one of my mutuals was one of the cosplayers dancing in that video and they are a bunch of MINORS (15-17). I told him that I don’t really know how to feel about that and it made me feel disgusted. I don’t know why I feel like this because I respect him less now. Any advice about what I need to do to not be disgusted anymore? or what I need to do in general.

EDIT : I told him why he did what he did and he said that he is just bored and lonely. He said that he didn’t know how old they are and thinks that it’s fucked up. Thank you for all of the replies saying that some things are best not said. He clearly has some issues regarding to over-fapping. I just hope he can have some self control because he said that he faps until he feels numb and tired.

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  1. Sweetie, you are experiencing the “ick”. You don’t need strangers on reddit to validate this. I have experienced the ick for way less deserving reasons.

  2. My advice that I wish I would have given to myself at your age: you are allowed to have boundaries. Set them. And as early as possible.

    How does it make you feel?
    Your feelings are valid.
    Some people are okay with their partners sleeping with other people. Others consider porn cheating.
    What matters is that you both are aware of each other’s boundaries and respect them.

    And this is NOT to say give him another chance. Unless you do. Go with your gut.

    Trying to understand this situation but two major red flags (they are underage) and they are your friends/aquantinces(did he know that?)

    And why did he tell you? Was he trying to make you jealous? That’s not healthy.

  3. I’ve had plenty of situations of boyfriends telling me TMI early in a relationship—like volunteering which of our mutual friends they’re attracted to or what random thing gave them a boner. You should tell him it made you uncomfortable, and then his reaction will tell you what you need to know. If he’s able to understand why it made you upset, apologizes, and can resist the urge to share unnecessary details like that in the future, I would give him a pass. If he gets overly defensive, makes you feel bad, or continues to tell you whom he masturbates to, I would move along.

  4. Yall are disgusting in these comments telling her this is stupid and doesn’t matter, yes it does matter he’s jacking off to her friends, underage ones at that I’d feel disgusted

  5. i understand why this made you uncomfortable, especially because one of them is a mutual and they’re underage. your feelings are valid don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  6. He’s 19. Maybe he’s legally an adult, but we’re literally talking about people who are in his same age demographic. You can be disgusted, that’s your prerogative, but implying that he’s some kind of pedophile seems like a bit much given the age range.

  7. just gonna pop into say like…a 19 y/o jacking off to a 17 y/o isn’t the worst…16/15 is ickier but yelling MINORS like he’s some 40 year old man is not the move. if it bothers you that much then uh, you know what to do.

    also…NNN is not that deep. go masturbate girl. don’t deny yourself some pleasure.

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  9. He’s 19 and you’re trying to claim he had some pedo tendency by being attracted to people a few years younger than him HAHAHAHAHAHA. how fucking pathetic of you and anyone on here who thinks that’s some terrible thing.

    If you want to break up with him over it, then that is well within your right, but don’t try to make an attempt to be self righteous and destroy his life under the guise of “good” you made this post because he hurt your feelings and made you jealous. Get the fuck over yourself and move on instead of attempting some weird ass public assassination that will only show YOUR true colors.

  10. Who the hell talks to their girlfriend and says “Oh, I’m so tired from jacking off so much!”? Fucking nasty. You don’t have to share every little thing.

  11. Keep stupid shit like this private and share and communicate the important things and happenings of your life, example of an important happening? “Hey baby today i finally got the job I have interviewed for twice” or maybe important but just silly such as “hey baby I finally killed that game boss I’ve been stuck at for a while” so basically youre sharing your interests but at the same time you don’t share triggering things such as what you mentioned, I dont go around telling my fiance that something I saw made me horny because unless its her its none of her business and the info is useless to her.

  12. My mans couldn’t make it three days lol… I’d be less worried about the age of the tiktoker and more worried about the fact he couldn’t make it more than a few days without jacking off, and he did it three times after having 1 impulse.

  13. Yeah he shouldn’t have told you basically because that is gross. I think a lot of things are fine, that wouldn’t be fine, as long as you don’t tell your partner. Somethings shouldn’t be shared.

    (Not talking about any actual betrayal, cheating, lying, etc)

  14. To be honest, it’s actually pretty pathetic that your boyfriend failed no nut November like that, if it was on the category reels of family and kid tv shows, then maybe that’s acceptable but when it comes to dancing that’s not ok.

  15. Does the cosplay conceal their age? 19 year old guys are always horny unless something is medically or biologically wrong. I think No Nut November is dumb. Any urologist will tell a man that orgasm is healthy for the proper functioning and health of the prostate.

    Maybe he should try No Shave November instead.

  16. Whatever else these creeps in the comments say, your “ick” is valid.

    Getting so worked up over a tik tok of friends of yours that he needed to do that three times? And then to make it worse minors? Nope. And what would possess him to send it to you?

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