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My gf is very mean when her friends are near

There was a few moments were my partner did this but I never took them personal or that serious but today it kinda was my breaking point I am 22m she’s 28f tonight one of her friends ended up fighting and ending a 17 year relationship and she offered her friend to stay at our home and when her friend arrived she was crying and we were trying to comfort her and at some point I told her friend that I already had food made that I cooked really well and whatever she wanted that she shouldn’t be afraid to ask for anything and my gf got in the middle of it and said “you’re just a frustrated cook, you don’t even have a culinary arts degree” and that made me feel like shit because she’s already done with her bachelors and all and I’m currently on my 4th year of university but she’s always degrading me somehow like in a very passive aggressive way and I’m upset with her behavior, I don’t want to make a scene rn because her friend is going through a rough moment but damn she’s mean and I’m starting to dislike that.

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  1. I’m sorry but WTF, I’m a great cook and have absolutely zero background in cookery/hospitality, I work in IT.

    If someone disrespected my cooking abilities like that I would never cook for them again.

    You have done nothing wrong here and the only think i can think of is that your GF is trying to make you less appealing to her friend.

    Stuffed if I would stay in a relationship that was that unsupportive. I’m a 40year old guy btw, married kids and I do most of the cooking

    You are worth more mate.

  2. How about you throw her and her friend out because she has no respect for you. Your girlfriend thinks she’s better than you because she’s older and you need to decide if you’re going to keep taking her crap. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t already replaced you with a new boyfriend because she seems like the type that doesn’t care for your feelings. Her Bachelors degree is no more important or valuable than any degree that you already have. She shows that with her uncouth attitude. She comes across as someone who really doesn’t like you but is just putting up with you until she finds someone or something better. Dump her before she dumps you.

  3. I’ve had a similar thing happen in my partnership. When we are with certain people my partner is more aggressive and makes hurtful comments to me. The next time the two of you are alone and not influenced by any substances. Tell her how her comments and insults effect you negatively and are hurtful. The next time the situation pops up will be the test, if she can actively identify herself saying those things and corrects herself. If she continues to lay into you it may be time to re-evaluate the relationship. Cheers

    Edit: my partner actively identifies the moments in which she is being mean to me and we have worked through the issue together ❤️

  4. Show her you have respect for you even if she has not. Pack and go and let her see herself for who she is. If you don’t you will always on the end of her tyraids with little respite.

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