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My hair physically will not curl

Okay so my hair has this problem where it literally will not curl what so ever. It doesn’t matter if I use heat on any setting or curlers and an excessive amount of hair spray, my hair does not curl. It’s been like that since I was little but I also have very very long hair and have since I was little. I’ve had professionals try to curl my hair to only disappoint them after the curls fall out within 2 minutes. Can anyone help me work around the stubbornness or something like that or at least help me understand why this happens. I’ve tried to look into it on the internet before and got mixed answers. On prom my mother, my sister, and myself attempted to curl my hair in every way possible and it ended up just looking gross from all the product we put in my hair with still straight hair. If this post is not permitted in this group pls feel free to delete and warn me I’m just not sure what to do.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson
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