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Nail polish lifting at edges despite best efforts

I must have nails made of Teflon. Nail polish only lasts 3 days (max!), regardless of whether it’s at a salon or at home. I’ve tried filing my nails, base coats before lacquer, and now Dazzle Dry (which I had high hopes for!) No matter what I do, my manicures always lift at the edges and peel off in one sheet. I used to do ANC/powder dip with better luck and head to the salon every 2 weeks, but I’d like to just use regular polish if I can. Any suggestions?

Picture for reference:

Edit: thank you guys for the awesome advice!! I am lotioned, file buffed, primed, and “tip wrapped” – wish me luck!

Update: started lifting at the side today but nowhere NEAR as badly as I’m used to! I think your advice worked guys!

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  1. Cuticle oil is your friend.

    My wife does nails for a living and she does my nails too and always gets onto me about not using cuticle oil enough. It keeps your nails hydrated, which helps present the lift/peel.

  2. I feel you… my nails are the same exact way and i’ve made polish my hobby and just change it every few days. Have you tried using a fine grit file and roughing your nail bed surface slightly before applying base coat? I’ve also heard that using a nail dehydrator product (usually used with gel) even with regular polish may help although I haven’t tried it yet. Good luck OP!

  3. Do you make sure to wrap your tips? That made the biggest difference for me. Another thing that really makes polish peel or lift for me is just having my hands too wet for too long. I use gloves now when I’m cleaning and doing dishes, and I try to keep my showers as short as possible. When I don’t do these things I notice a real difference. (I also firmly agree with the cuticle oil suggestion. Use that oil! Put on hand lotion. Pamper those hands! You’re taking the time to paint them, so why not treat the rest of your hands nicely as well!)

  4. Most of the time lifting at the free edge is because of poor prep work what grit file are you using to buff your nails? Do you dehydrate your nails? Are you on medication at all? Sometimes despite all efforts some people are just naturally oily and products will always lift , I’m wondering if it’s that seeing as you have the same problem even after seeing a professional,a good way to tell is if you have naturally oily skin and hair then your nails will be too! Oh and are you using a cotton pad and swipe to wipe the nail after buffing it? It’s no good using just a duster it will still leave fine bits of powder on the nail and polish won’t stick to it, that also causes lifting, that was where I went wrong when doing my nail course, as soon as I started doing it my nails lasted a lot longer! Good luck x

  5. Dashing Diva press on nails. Trust me they’re easy to apply and last a while. You’ll never go back to nail polish.

    The pair I have now have lasted 4 days and there’s no sign that they’re beginning to peel off.

  6. I’m never going back to normal nail polish ever again. For me it chips and peels so fast, but with gel polish it lasts soo much longer. A basic gel color mani or pedicure takes the same amount of time but it lasts for weeks

  7. I like Rimmel Nail Base & Top Coat (nail nurse). It’s the best adherent for nail polish and chip resistant top coat in my opinion. Rimmel polishes are great in general. After removing old polish, wash and dry hands and give each nail bed a rub with the cloth. Apply 2 coats of base. 1 to 2 coats of colour. 1 coat of the same base/top coat. The next day while watching tv, add one more clear layer. Use gloves when washing up/cleaning and generally don’t soak your hands in water for too long. Your polish should be growing out before it peels of. Also – resist the urge to peel of your nail polish! A thin layer of your nail is being removed in the process. Please don’t file your nails. Sometimes there’s a skin layer that gown longer over than your cuticle over the nail and this can cause peeling at the edges. Sally Hansen makes a remover for this, remove old polish, rub in the gel, leave for a few minutes, rub off the skin with a damp cloth. Wash and dry hands then do the polish layers.

    Ps, Rimmel make a top coat called: finishing touch. I’ve accidentally used this as base before and the whole clear and colour layer will peel of within a few days. Good base makes all the difference.

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