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Narco juniors, the new generation that enjoys total impunity from the Mexican and US government – .

The children of three Mexican drug traffickersall linked to Sinaloa cartelhave been benefited with official impunity”.

His parents enjoyed the impunity provided by corruption for many years. One of them, in fact, is still at large.

Sons of Mexican capos, also dedicated to the illicit business of drugs, trafficking, kidnapping, extortion and murder -mainly-, the puppies of the cartels are protected. Pampered by the system, both Mexican and American. Sponsored first by the criminal network in which they were born and developed, and secondly by the omitted authorities moved by corruption in a painful and inefficient network of law enforcement.

In a cascade, the children of three Mexican drug traffickers, all linked to the Sinaloa cartel, have benefited from official impunity. In Mexico by not being properly investigated, in the United States, at least two of them, by being released, and one by not being persecuted.

The first to enjoy informal impunity was Ovidio Guzman Lopez. Nicknamed “The mouse” and also known as “The Black Cat”has enjoyed fame and criminal fortune thanks to his father, who was finally imprisoned in the United States, Joaquin Guzman LoeraEl Chapo“, ancient Sinaloa cartel leader who escaped Mexican justice twice after being apprehended three times.

After the arrest, which was carried out with intelligence and without a single shot, the brothers of “El Ratón”, based on blood and lead, practically took Culiacan the capital city of Sinaloa, threatening to massacre citizens and soldiers before the apprehension of his brother. It was a violent afternoon, with shots, blockades, threats and a display of the criminal power of the offspring of “El Chapo” in his home state, who had to be released to avoid the deaths of civilians and some elements taken hostage by the Cartel. .

To the date, Ovidio Guzmán does not have a single open investigation in Mexico. He is not investigated for drug trafficking, for drug trafficking, much less for murder, the 32-year-old Sinaloa cartel junior lives freely in Mexico. That time he was arrested was due to an arrest warrant for extradition purposes, which to date is in force, but which the FGR has not wanted to comply with, nor has the government of the Republic promised to act. The USAlittle by little he has forgotten that he is after him.

A couple of months ago, another puppy of Mexican drug trafficking was benefited by “justice”. Arrested in Mexico in 2014 with only charges for crimes against health and carrying a firearm and cartridges for the exclusive use of the Army, Ismael Zambada Imperialthe eldest son of Ismael Zambada GarcíaThe May”, was extradited to the United States in 2019.

Nicknamed “The Fat Mayito”, Imperial Zambadanot to change, he was not arrested for any homicide, as rarely happens with any drug trafficker, given that the ministerial authority does not investigate the more than 35,000 intentional murders that occur in Mexico, and the easy way, they persecute criminals for crimes against health or for carrying weapons for the exclusive use of the armed forces, crimes that in the medium or long term, criminals with their lawyers manage to evade, mostly, including the acts of which they are accused, in the context of generalized violence that persists in Mexico and not in his very particular case.

In 2019, “El Mayito Gordo” was extradited to the United States, at the request of the Southern District Court based in San Diego, California, where he was prosecuted for introducing drugs into that country for the purpose of distribution and sale, charges to which he pleaded guilty in 2021.

But in June of this 2022 Zambada Imperial, the eldest son of “El Mayo”, 38 years old, was sentenced to nine years in prison. A penalty well below expectations, but reduced due to the “collaboration” of the Sinaloa cartel junior. In the sentence, the years already deprived of his freedom are counted, that is, since 2014 when he was detained in Mexico, for which, in July of this year, “El Mayito Gordo” was released by the North American justice system.

Although it would have been in vain, given that there are no more open investigations in Mexico and when he was extradited he had already served his sentence, there is no knowledge or official record of the deportation of the son of “El Mayo” by any Mexican border port. Which indicates, according to US sources, that he was welcomed into the protected witness program, which generates more impunity.

The third junior of the narco to be benefited is Damaso Lopez Serranonicknamed “the mini lic”, being son of Damaso Lopez NunezThe Lic“, Whoever it was Sinaloa cartel operator and lieutenant of Joaquín Guzmán LoeraEl Chapo”.

Currently 34 years old, López Serrano surrendered in 2017 to the DEA. He did it out of fear that the sons of “El Chapo” Guzmán would assassinate him in Mexico, after starring in a confrontation with the other juniors, for control of a wing of the Sinaloa cartel. Fearing for his life, he preferred the cold but generous prison in the American Union.

For the authority of the United States, “the mini lic” was support in the trial against the wife of “Chapo”, Emma Coronel. He not only turned himself in after being wanted for drug trafficking and importation into that country, but also collaborated with the authorities.

In Mexico, Dámaso López Serrano has not been tried. While he remained a fugitive, the authorities of this country were unable to apprehend him, and when he feared for his life, the criminal preferred to surrender to the United States.

In January 2020, when “El Mini Lic” was in a North American prison, the Attorney General of the Republic managed to grant an arrest warrant against “El Mini Lic”, for being the alleged responsible, intellectual author, of the murder. of the journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas, which occurred in May 2017 in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

However, on Friday, September 16, Dámaso López Serrano was released by the United States justice system. There is no record of the extradition to Mexico, nor of the deportation also to the Mexican Republic.

Neither “El Mayito Gordo” nor “El Mini Lic” had US citizenship, as was appropriate, as with other detainees (for example “El Guero Palma”) that once their sentence was “completed” in the United States, they were deported to Mexican soil.

But there is no report of deportation, so it is assumed that, like his father, “El Mini Lic” was favored in the plan of protected witnesses.

And so they go from leading an active criminal life, to being part of the system that “persecuted” them for drug trafficking.

They are released by presidential order, are sentenced to minimum sentences and then released as protected witnesses, but the juniors of the narco, particularly the Sinaloa cartel, enjoy impunity for the crimes committed in all its aspects and a river of blood that runs the national territory.

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