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Narcos leave Narcomantas with a message for Alfonso Durazo Montaño, governor of Sonora – .

A Narcomessage addressed to Alfonso Durazo Montaño, Governor of Sonorawas found during the afternoon of Tuesday, October 4, the names and photographs of alleged members of the La Plaza Cartel.

According to the first reports, the blanket was found in Guaymas, Splice Y Saint CharlesIn addition to addressing Alfonso Durazo, the canvas pointed out that it was also addressed to the federal authorities.

The text, accompanied by several photographs, said the following:


Mr. Governor of Sonora, Lic Alfonso Durazo Montaño and federal authorities, in our Port of Guaymas and Empalme there have been many searches in which most of them rescue people who are kidnapped, all these events are carried out by the La Plaza Cartel. What more evidence do they need to realize that they are responsible for the violence”.

Below the written message are the photographs of five people along with their names, which are Jose Gil Caro Quintero, Juan Pablo Quintero Christmas, Roy Antonio Soto Quintero, Anthony Castro Y Francisco Javier

On the left side of the photographs, a text appeared that stated: “Do not continue to allow these traitors and criminals”.

At the beginning of October, Agents of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) and the Municipal Police of Vícam seized an arsenal, tactical equipment, as well as vehicles linked to drug trafficking in Sonora, on that occasion a vehicle known as a monster was seized.

Derived from an anonymous call, the security institutions received an alert about the presence of armed civilians at the home of Vícam, attached to the municipality of Guaymas.

After these actions, a security operation was implemented in order to carry out a search of the indicated property. With the judicial order of the Guaymas delegation, doses of drugs and weapons were seized.

The State Security Board reported the seizure of three AK 47 weapons; two R15 weapons, caliber 5.56mm; 15 magazines for AK 47 gun; five chargers for R15; two magazines with 100 cartridges each, and four green tactical vests.

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