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National Guard secures truck with weapons in Sahuayo; Michoacan – .

Elements of the National Guard seized four long rifle-type weapons and 290 useful cartridges, located inside a abandoned truck in a sahuayo highwayin the state of Michoacan.

The Spokesperson of the federal corporation reported that when conducting crime prevention patrols in a locality, the truck was detected in an abandoned condition, so a security perimeter was established for its review.

In addition to the four rifles and 290 cartridges, 11 magazines, two vests, four ballistic armor plates and five magazine holders were found inside the vehicle.

The van had the circulation stickers removed, and when verifying its legal status in the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve) it was found that the information corresponded to a different vehicle, whose characteristics did not coincide with the located van.

In addition, the vehicle identification number yielded information related to the current theft report, so together with the war material was made available to the delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), in ZamoraMichoacan.

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