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Navy helicopter leaves 3 dead and 2 injured, after collapsing

A helicopter from the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) collapsed this Saturday, October 1, in the municipality ofand Centla in Tabasco, what was captured on video by the same residents of the area.

The first reports indicated that two people were injured who were transferred to the naval hospital in Frontera, in the same demarcation, to receive the corresponding medical care.

In a statement, Semar reported that the aircraft was manned by five members of the army, three of whom died.

One of the recordings shows the unit suspended in the air, when it suddenly begins to spin until it falls.

The aircraft crashed in a field near a Kinder garden, so the neighbors immediately ran to the place to help the crew and closely observe what happened.

An ambulance quickly arrived as well as Army and Semar personnel, assigned to the V Naval Zone to control the situation, cordon off the area and take away the injured.

Until now The causes of the accident are unknown and no further official information has been given about what happened.

Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez
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