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Navy sinks ship with 10 tons of “meta” in Mazatlán, they secured 19 tons of meth in two other vessels – .

sinaloa.- A shrimp boat was sunk by elements of the Secretary of the Navythen after a operational it was discovered that inside the ship there were 10 tons of methamphetaminewhat’s more 12 people were arrested.

The Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection reported that the event occurred between November 9 and 10, when it was detected that the boats were guarded by armed men in the port warehouses.

The boat named as “Tapilu III”was followed on November 9, since its cargo was not registered, in addition to the fact that it had two drums full of fuel, for which reason it proceeded to sink it, although at the moment it is unknown how the events happened, only that it happened at 76 nautical miles to west of the Port of Mazatlán.

It was also said that two boats were secured over the Pacific Ocean at 100 and 113 milesrespectively from said port, where the arrest of 12 subjects and the confiscation of 10,600 liters of fuel were also achieved.

The ship was carrying 10 tons of methamphetamine.but due to the fact that it was sunk, only the 400 kilo recoverywhile in the other two vessels, more than 19 tons of the same illicit substance.

According to information from the Navy, two ships, two speedboats, a light aircraft and a helicopter were used in the operation, which helped in the sinking.


On November 7, it was reported that the Secretary of the Navy confirmed the seizure of 44 packages, with 1,326 brick-type packages, equivalent to 1,312 kilograms of cocaine.

As Grupo Sol Corporativo reported, the seizure took place 340 kilometers southwest of Puerto Chiapas, where a Cessna-type plane, coming from South America, dropped the cargo into the sea, after its crew members noticed the presence of the Armed Forces.

Both sailors and soldiers seized the narcotics and made them available to the Subdelegation of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), in Tapachula.

On October 8, a small plane from South America with 340 kilograms of presumed cocaine was seized by elements of the Ministry of National Defense 14 kilometers southwest of Tres Picos, in the municipality of Tonalá, Chiapas.

Earlier, on September 21, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) reported the shooting down of a small plane, coming from Mexico, bound for Zulia, in Venezuela.

The “Sabreliner” aircraft, registration XB-RXG, was bound for the Reina Beatrix airport, in the state of Zulia. The FANB reported that the illegal entry into Venezuelan airspace led the military to start shooting down the plane. The unit was set on fire and torn to pieces, being partially destroyed.

Three days earlier, on September 18, an alleged drug plane crashed on Isla Pérez, in the Arrecife Alacranes National Park, some 122 kilometers from Progreso, Yucatán.

This was confirmed by the Port Authority, which immediately indicated that it began the search for the aircraft, which allegedly had fallen into the water, without knowing the cargo transported.

On August 31, a Cessna-type plane with around 652 kilos of cocaine distributed in 587 packages was intercepted and seized at a clandestine runway located in the community of Castaño, Chiapas.

It is worth mentioning that during the operation implemented by the military elements, one of the military vehicles overturned on a dirt road, resulting in injuries to six of the elements, who were transferred to the hospital for their corresponding attention.

On August 13, a drug plane carrying 460.5 kilograms of cocaine was also seized, 79 kilometers east of Miguel Hidalgo, municipality of Candelaria, in the border area with Guatemala and Tabasco.

On August 5, a Cessna-type plane from Central America, with 120 kilograms of cocaine, was intercepted and forced to land on the Chiapas coast, 32 kilometers southeast of Mapastepec.

Also, on August 1, a drug plane was located within the territory of Belize, which was located by the Armed Forces of this country, near the town of Crique Sarco in the district of Toledo, which borders Guatemala.

Apparently the plane was used to transport drugs to Guatemala, although it is not ruled out that it has been entered into Chiapas, Tabasco or even Quintana Roo; The site where it was found, Crique Sarco, is located 40 kilometers from Punta Gorda, the capital of the Toledo district, a site that is a blind spot for the authorities.

The drug plane was detected in the morning, but sight was lost until late at night, when, thanks to the operation implemented by the authorities, it was possible to find a 30-foot-long bioengine plane abandoned at the end of an illegal landing strip of approximately one mile away; It should be noted that said aircraft was burned, a resource used by criminal gangs to avoid tracking the unit.

A week before, a narcojet was found in a field near the town of Spanish Lookout, in the district of Cayo, on the border with Guatemala; Said Jet Sabreliner was found abandoned and with no trace of the cargo, only some bags were located inside, which would have been used to transport illegal substances.

On July 26, a Lear Jet carrying 800 kilos of drugs was seized when it landed in a field in Chiapas after being pursued by the authorities, who detected it when it tried to enter Othón P. Blanco.

On June 27, another abandoned and burned aircraft was found in the district of Toledo; and one more Grumman Gulstream G-III type narcojet was located on March 3 near the Monkey River, which would have been used to transport approximately one and a half tons of cocaine, however, at the time of its location it was empty and without witnesses. of the landing

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