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Nine members of the Familia Michoacana are arrested in the State of Mexico, they had taken over a primary school – .

Elements of the State Police arrested nine alleged members of a criminal cell of the Familia Michoacana in the municipality of Luvians, Mexico statewhich apparently are linked to crimes against health.

According to the report of the authorities, some armed subjects would have taken the facilities of a primary schoolfor which uniformed officers deployed an operation on the road that leads to the Cross of Nail community.

On the site they detected several people who remained hidden and with a suspicious attitude in the undergrowth, in this situation the officers carried out a review in which they found three plants of apparent marijuana, three pants, three jackets and three shirts with a pattern similar to that of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA); as well as pants similar to the National Guard (GN) uniform.

For this reason, Jaime “N” 39 years old, Diego “N” 36 years old, Carlos \”N\” 20 years old, René “N” 37 years old, Julio “N” 31 years old, Víctor ” N” 24 years old, Ana “N” 28 years old, Gladis “N” 28 and Nabil “N” 35 years old.

According to the inquiries, the detainees are members of the Familia Michoacana, so the investigations will be extended to verify their relationship.

The authorities did not disclose the reason for the seizure of the school facilities. However, they do not report people injured by these events.

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