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Northeast Cartel responds to the Gulf Cartel with four bodies and 4 heads with Narcomensaje in Miguel Alemán; Tamaulipas – .

The macabre discovery of four lifeless male bodiesincluding one dismembered inside a cooler with a drug message and four headswas reported during the early hours of Sunday on the Ribereña roadjust at the height of the ford located in the in the vicinity of Poblado Los Guerra and the municipal seat, Miguel Alemán.

The different authorities of the state police, ministerial agents and investigators and military elements, as well as personnel from the Expert Services Unit of the State Attorney General’s Office, went to the scene of the events, who cordoned off the area to carry out their proceedings, taking full knowledge to then open the respective investigation folder and be able to collect the evidence of this new massacre, very similar to the one that occurred at the end of June 2021,


LThe bodies belong to members of the Gulf Cartelwho they would have been raised, tortured and executed in possible revenge for the recent dismemberment of a member of the Northeast Cartel who was found just last Thursday, October 6, on a path that leads to the Tamaulipas colony.

According to what is written in the drug message found next to the cooler and that was directed specifically at the leader of the Gulf Cartel and military authorities, it was established that the victim’s dismembered body could be a possible mechanic who was allegedly doing work for the rivals of those responsible for this new massacre.

It should be noted that these horrendous violent events stem from yet another confrontation occurred during the early hours of Sunday despite having reinforced surveillance and security by the different authorities.

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